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Helen Leaf Designs


I weave braids, teach workshops in braid weaving, and also work in a technique called ply-split braiding. I make my own shuttles for weaving, and my own tools for ply-split braiding.


Ply-split braiding is a way in which yarn can be made into high-twist cords, which in turn can be used to make a variety of things, from flat braids to larger 3-dimensional pieces. I tend to make baskets and bowls. Essential equipment is the cord winder and a gripfid. I make some of my gripfids small and short - they can fit in the palm of my hand while I'm working and I prefer them that way. I also make the handles so that they can stand up on end. Making the cords can take many hours before the weaving actually starts, but by making cords, design choices can be made which affect the finished piece.

Yarn and tools for ply-split braidingYarn and tools for ply-split braiding

Tools for ply-split braiding by Helen LeafTools for ply-split braiding by Helen Leaf








Here are some images of things I've been working on:

Ply-split basket, Helen LeafPly-split basket, Helen Leaf

Ply-split bowls, Helen LeafPly-split bowls, Helen Leaf 







HLeaf ply-split braided basketsHLeaf ply-split braided baskets 


 HLeaf - bases of ply-split braided basketsHLeaf - bases of ply-split braided baskets