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Helen Leaf Designs

About me

I make beautiful things using antler, bone, silver, bronze and wood and my inspiration comes from nature and prehistory.

My background is varied - many people know me through my work with bone flutes, but I am or have also been: a gardener, beekeeper, wood turner, musical instrument maker, musician, doctor of archaeology and writer. I draw on all of these life experiences in what I do today.
My current work draws on many of these things. I will always be inspired by nature and by being outdoors. I enjoy inspiring others through making beautiful or special things, and I like combining wood, antler, gold leaf, silver and bronze.
Prehistory inspires me, and I enjoy encouraging others to use and understand the materials and imagery of that time. 
I've spent time with the Cairngorm reindeer herd, learning more about reindeer, their antlers, and the mountains. I've also recently returned from Lapland where I met Sami antler carvers. I plan to return there in the future to continue learning, and will be incorporating some of the inspiration into my work.
I'm based in the Derbyshire/Nottinghamshire area of the UK, and travel locally and nationally to be at shows. I don't tend to put my phone number online as I'm always busy working. But if you'd like to speak with me directly that's fine - just let me know and we'll make that happen.
HelenLeaf with Cairngorm reindeerHelenLeaf with Cairngorm reindeer

Where you may have seen me or my work before:

Wirksworth Festival Art and Architecture Trail, Derbyshire
Crafts in the Pen, Skipton, Yorkshire
Spring Contemporary Craft and Design Fair, RHS Wisley, Surrey
Lady Bay Arts Festival, Nottinghamshire
Emporium Gallery, Litchfield, Staffordshire
Nature in Art, Gloucestershire

You may have seen me at many shows through my other website

Upcoming Events, 2018:

June 30th to Sept 29th - On the Block, Leeds Craft Centre and Design Gallery